1. Head of Department: Mr. HUYNH BINH THAI

Email: hbthai@khanhhoa.gov.vn / huynhbinhthai.vnt@gmail.com

Telephone: 0258.3.500055 Mobile: 0905682568

– Directly monitor and direct the work:

+ Administration – General Affairs: financial, personnel work;

+ Department of Conservation;

+ Environmental sanitation team;

+ Patrol and Rescue Team.

2. Deputy Head: Mr. DINH VINH TIEN

Email: dvtien.nt@khanhhoa.gov.vn / dinhvinhtienvan@gmail.com

Telephone: 0258.3.511465 Mobile: 0905216478

– Directly monitor and direct the work:

+ Pier Management Department – Tourism service; collection of service charges at Cau Da tourist pier – Vinh Nguyen

+ Interdisciplinary working group on Nha Trang Bay.

3. Deputy Head: Ms. NGUYEN THUY OANH

Email: ntoanh@khanhhoa.giv.vn / nguyenthuyoanh.phuongsai@gmail.com

Telephone: 0258.3.511464 Mobile: 0345298672

– Directly monitor and direct the Division of Administration – General Affairs:

+ General field, emulation and aspects of work in the field of administration, office administration;

+ The fee for visiting the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area.


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