Management dock – travel services room

– To advise the Head of the Organization and Management Board on arranging and arranging tourist wharves and recreation areas on Nha Trang Bay according to the planning and provisions of law;

– Organize the management, operation of Vinh Nguyen Stone Bridge and other tourist wharves in a rational, safe, effective manner, in accordance with the law in order to best serve tourists. sightseeing on islands in Nha Trang Bay and other human needs;

– Publicly posting the price of passenger transport service of vehicle owners at the pier, creating convenience for tourists to choose.

– Actively coordinate with the People’s Committees of communes, wards and relevant units and organizations to ensure order and social security in the dock area;

– Coordinate with functional agencies managing vehicles for transporting passengers and goods operating at wharves as prescribed by the State;

– Arranging and managing other service and business activities in the wharf area according to planning, clean, tidy, suitable for urban beauty and tourist landscape;

– Coordinate with functional forces to organize the inspection and control of the law observance of agencies, organizations and individuals having means operating on Nha Trang bay;

– Summarize and report the results of the management, coordination in inspection and control of vehicles in the observance of the regulations on inland waterway traffic safety and other provisions according to current law. ;

– Organize the collection of service charges via ferry, parking fees at Vinh Nguyen Bridge Pier in accordance with law.

Contact phone number: 0258.3.590749

Manager: Tran Van Phu Mobile: 0987729366

Deputy Head: Nguyen Thanh Tai Mobile: 0984906941


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