Management Nha Trang Bay


* Address:
Headquarters: 220 Ngo Gia Tu, Phuoc Tien Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
Phone: 0258.3.511409

* Nha Trang Bay Management Board was established under Decision No. 2259 / QD-UBND dated September 11, 2012 of the People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa Province, on the basis of merging the Management Board of Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area Management Board and Management Board. Cau Da Vinh Nguyen travel wharf and humanitarian rescue section at sea of ​​Nha Trang assault team.

* Regulation on organization and operation: According to Decision No. 703 / QD-UBND dated March 19, 2013 of Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee.

* Function: to help Nha Trang City People’s Committee:
+ Managing the exploitation of values ​​of Nha Trang Bay; protecting and preserving beautiful landscapes and biodiversity systems on Nha Trang Bay;
+ Acting as a focal point to coordinate with the provincial functional agencies to perform integrated management of Nha Trang Bay.

* Duties and powers:
1. Proposing the People’s Committee of Nha Trang City to issue documents to manage the exploitation and protection of Nha Trang Bay according to the planning and regulations.
2. Developing long-term, 5-year, and annual plans; programs and measures to organize the performance of assigned tasks
3. Organizing the implementation of legal documents, plannings and plans after they are approved
4. Organizing the information, propagation, dissemination and education of laws on the fields under their assigned management in order to protect and promote the value of Nha Trang Bay; introduce, advertise and participate in tourism promotion in accordance with the law
5. Presiding over or coordinating interdisciplinary inspection and handling of law violations committed by organizations and individuals on Nha Trang Bay
6. Organizing the implementation of plans on natural disaster prevention and fighting, search and rescue, handling incidents, and coordinating to ensure order and security in Nha Trang Bay.
7. Organizing and managing activities of gathering, treating waste and protecting the environment in Nha Trang Bay
8. To elaborate and submit to the People’s Committee of Nha Trang city for approval and organize the implementation of projects and schemes on tourist tours on Nha Trang Bay according to regulations.
9. To assist the People’s Committee of Nha Trang city in organizing the management, arrangement and arrangement of amusement parks and tourist wharves on Nha Trang Bay according to the planning and law provisions; organize the collection of charges and fees according to regulations
10. Implementing the management and protection of the marine conservation zone according to regulations
11. Studying and proposing the adjustment of areas and locations of functional sub-zones of the MPA; mapping and marking functional areas in the field.
12. Organizing activities to conserve and develop aquatic animals, maintain the natural succession of ecosystems in Nha Trang Bay
13. Taking measures to prevent and control pollution and epidemics; prevent acts of abuse to Nha Trang Bay
14. Collaborate with communities living inside and around Nha Trang Bay to propose and organize livelihood improvement activities to ensure the value management and conservation of Nha Trang Bay.
15. Building and submitting to Nha Trang City People’s Committee a plan on investment in construction, embellishment, restoration and preservation and promotion of the value of Nha Trang Bay
16. To coordinate in collecting related information, documents and data in service of the management of Nha Trang Bay
17. Being contracted with consulting units, schools and institutes to conduct research, investigation and survey activities to perform their tasks.
18. Organizing and coordinating with the functional agencies to patrol and inspect socio-economic activities in Nha Trang Bay and propose to handle administrative violations.
19. Organizing the implementation of international cooperation activities to protect and promote the values ​​of Nha Trang Bay according to the provisions of law.
20. Managing the organizational structure, training, fostering and implementing regimes and policies towards officials, public servants, public employees and employees under their management.
21. Manage finance and property in accordance with the law
22. Perform other tasks assigned by Chairman of Nha Trang City People’s Committee.

* Working relationship:
+ Under the direction and management of the organization, personnel and work of the People’s Committee of Nha Trang City.
+ Implementing the Regulation on coordination of work settlement with Heads of Departments, Boards, and Presidents of People’s Committees of communes and wards (promulgated together with Decision No. 1234/2000 / QD-UBND of Nha Trang City People’s Committee)
+ Help Nha Trang City People’s Committee perform the coordination of management of activities on Nha Trang Bay with relevant departments and agencies (The Regulation on cooperation and cooperation is attached to the Decision No. 2260 / QD-UBND dated 11/9 / 2012 by Khánh Hòa People’s Committee).


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