Pocket 15 delicious dishes in Nha Trang, must try

Coming to Nha Trang, tourists can not only mingle with the cool air of the sea breeze, immerse themselves in the cool, clear water of the coast, but also experience the unique and rich culinary culture. here. Adayroi with 15 delicious dishes in Nha Trang for the upcoming trip!

Traveling to the coastal city of Nha Trang to eat to satisfy the stomach? How to baked rolls, bread base, jellyfish noodles, pancakes, soup cake and billions of other delicacies throughout Nha Trang, how to eat it? Coming here, every tourist just wishes to own the super power to eat forever, so that Nha Trang can be taken in … belly! Join Adayroi and save your notebook with 15 delicious dishes in Nha Trang!

1. Grilled spring rolls

Traveling to Nha Trang, we can’t help but try the delicious and famous Ninh Hoa spring rolls. Ingredients to make this delicious dish in Nha Trang include pork, lard, onion, garlic, spices … are mixed well, and grilled into big round rolls. When dining, diners will roll baked rolls with herbs, cucumbers, carrots and fried rice paper. The most “tasty” part of grilled spring rolls in the hearts of diners is probably the sweet and sour sauce extremely attractive.

Address of grilled spring rolls in Nha Trang:

– Spring Roll – Spring Roll – 50 Thong

– Nem Nuong Ba Sau – 2 To Vinh Dien

– Ninh Hoa Spring Roll – 16A Lan Ong

Special rolls of coastal city of Nha Trang (Source: Internet)

2. Banh can

Can cake is a rustic dish of the people of the South Central Coast. If you are a “fan” of street snacks, do not ignore the cake when traveling to Nha Trang!

The main ingredient of the cake is rice flour. Rice is soaked with cold rice, grinded into flour, then diluted and then placed on the stove according to the baking mold. Rice flour is poured into molds along with other types of shrimp, squid, eggs and cover until cooked. When the mold lid is opened, the sweet aroma of succulent shrimp mixed with other ingredients will definitely make your stomach simmer!

Address eating cake in Nha Trang:

– 151 Hoang Van Thu

– 165 Nguyen Trai

– 109 lines 2-4

Delicious food in Nha Trang – Seafood bread (Source: Internet)

3. Jellyfish fish noodle

If mentioning the delicious food in Nha Trang, it is impossible to miss the jellyfish noodles, which is very popular with both locals and tourists in Nha Trang. Nha Trang fish noodles are unique in that they do not use chopped fish like in Hanoi or Hai Phong, but use Nha Trang fish ball. Nha Trang fish ball has its own unique flavor. When you eat, you will feel very rich in fish flavor. Jellyfish for making jellyfish noodles are small with the tip of the big toe or thumb, opaque white, thick walls, looking like coconut water. This dish is unique in that the broth is simmered with chessfish and mackerel bone. The main thing that makes broth of this delicious dish in Nha Trang has a special sweet, cool bar.

If you have the opportunity to visit Nha Trang, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the best jellyfish noodle dish!

Address of eating jellyfish noodles in Nha Trang:

– Nguyen Loan fish noodle – 123 Ngo Gia Tu

– Jellyfish noodle – 87 Yersin

– Jellyfish Noodles – 24 Han Thuyen

Nha Trang special dish with jellyfish noodles (Source: Internet)

4. Lac Canh grilled beef

Lac Canh grilled beef is always on the list of “Must try when coming to Nha Trang” by foreign tourists. Surprisingly, Lac Canh grilled beef is not the name of the dish, but the name of a famous restaurant in Nha Trang.

The secret of making this delicious dish of beef lies in the recipe of mixing beef with honey and more than 10 spices of the restaurant. Lac Canh grilled beef is chess pieces and grilled on charcoal. The piece of beef just put on the grill makes a very sizzling sound. The aroma of beef and honey radiating will definitely make diners “stand still”!

Address eating Lac Canh beef in Nha Trang:

– Lac Canh Grilled Beef – 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem

Delicious dishes in Nha Trang specialties – Bo Lac Canh (Source: Internet)

5. Squid pancakes

This pancake is special in that the filling is not made from pork but from extremely special fresh squid. In addition, the price of delicacies in Nha Trang is only about 10k 3, which is worth a try.

Specialty delicious and cheap squid pancakes of Nha Trang (Source: dichoinhatrang.net)

6. Nha Trang wet cakes

Nha Trang’s wet cake is just rinsed in 1 time and then served with mango, herbs and Cha lua. The soft crust along with the typical dipping sauce will make you eat nonstop.

Wet bread of the coastal city of Nha Trang (Source: baomoi.com)

7. Nha Trang duckweed

Everyone must recognize the rich and diverse culinary culture of Nha Trang. With the familiar duck cake, they have transformed into 2 different types of salty and sweet. This delicious dish in Nha Trang is contained in small, hot crockery cups. For salty duckweed, eat it with fish sauce, shrimp, fried pork skin and lard. But the sweet cake is eaten with coconut milk, which makes you feel fat and attractive.

Two types of specialty Nha Trang duckweed (Source: foody.vn)

8. Nha Trang chicken rice

Chicken rice is special in that it is cooked with chicken broth so it is more fragrant and sweeter than other types of rice. Especially visitors also enjoy butter with food to create interesting and unique feeling.

Specialty chicken rice of Nha Trang (Source: diadiemanuong.com)

9. Grilled spring rolls in Nha Trang

This delicious dish in Nha Trang has become a specialty of the coastal city for a long time known. Delicious, chewy and tangy taste with mango and rice paper. Eating with peanut sauce will satisfy the stomach of any diners.

Grilled spring rolls with specialties in Nha Trang (Source: foody.vn)

10. Pan snail

Snail pan is actually the name of a restaurant in Nha Trang but later became a delicacy in Nha Trang specialties. Guests will enjoy 8 heated snail pans such as snail, fat snail, suction snail, … extremely attractive.

11. Crab noodle in Nha Trang

“ Rieu ” noodle soup with pork broth, crab meat instead of crab meat with ingredients such as dried shrimp, meat, eggs, … will make you feel that the food is both familiar and strange. bored.

Nha Trang crab vermicelli (Source: Internet)

12. Fish cake soup

Nha Trang fish cake is not as sweet as the meat soup in the South but has a unique salty taste of the sea and attracts many tourists to enjoy. This is one of the delicious dishes in Nha Trang that you should not miss.

Nha Trang special dish – Fish cake soup (Source: bao.click49.net)

13. Grilled squid with chili salt

For those who like to sit and watch the sea and sip something, grilled squid with salt and chili is a perfect choice. The fresh white cuttlefish is carefully treated before being marinated with salt and chilli and grilled on charcoal.

Grilled squid specialties with salt and green chilli Nha Trang (Source: dulich24.com.vn)

14. Nha Trang shellfish salad

A play dish that is sure to delight you with its crispy sweet fish meat mingled with the strong flavor of the accompanying vegetables and the salty taste of the dipping sauce.

Delicious food in Nha Trang – Pack of apricot fish (Source: dulichamthucnhatrang.vn)

15. Nha Trang promo noodles

Nha Trang’s noodles are as small as dried noodles cooked with meat and bone broth. This delicious dish in Nha Trang is eaten with grilled fish, spring rolls and dish of vegetables to bring a strange feeling.

Elegant Nha Trang instant noodles (Source: foody.vn)

Come here your stomach has boiling boiling yet? You can explore more travel experiences in the coastal city of Nha Trang to have a complete trip. What are you waiting for, but haven’t planned for this summer to “break” Nha Trang’s cuisine!


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