Management board of Nha Trang Bay organized  Conference of cadres, officials and employees in 2020

Management board of Nha Trang Bay organized conference of cadres, officials and employees in 2020

On the afternoon of January 3, 2020, the grassroots trade union of Nha Trang Bay Management Board coordinated with the Government to organize the Conference of Cadres, Officials and Workers in 2020 as prescribed.
The meeting unanimously approved the reports: the results of the 2019 tasks; results of the implementation of the CBVC Conference Resolution and Democracy Regulation in 2019; financial statements in 2019 and operation reports of the People’s Inspection Board in 2019. The unit has made efforts to achieve 157% of the targets and successfully completed the assigned tasks; additional income for employees an average of 40 million VND / year; good implementation of democratic regulations, no complaints or complaints from workers.
Thereby, the Board of Directors and officials and employees of the unit discussed and agreed with the proposed work directions and the contents: emulation registration successfully completed the tasks, tasks and only pepper will be delivered by 2020; the draft Regulation on coordination between the government and grassroots trade unions, internal spending rules, democratic regulations, and internal unit regulations by 2020.
At the Conference, Mr. Huynh Binh Thai – Head of Management Board of Nha Trang Bay gave certificates of appreciation to 27 typical officers and employees in “Studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style” 06 The last month of 2019 and 22 officials and employees with outstanding achievements in the work in 2019./.
Thuy Oanh (Management Board of NT Bay)

View of the Conference
     Officials, officials, and employees vote for quotas for emulation registration in 2020


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